Herrmann and Hitchcock, Storm Clouds and Cymbals

In the minds of many classic movie fans, the name Bernard Herrmann is tethered to that of Alfred Hitchcock. He composed and/or produced the scores for seven films by the Master of Suspense, many of them the most popular and memorable of Hitch's decades-long career. In terms of creating the famous Hitchcockian tension, Herrmann played as important a role as Hitchcock's carefully selected cast and crew.


Anne Bancroft is one of those actors whom I truly have no memory of not knowing. I don’t remember what movie or performance introduced me to her – as far as I can tell, I have simply always known and loved her. She is such an astonishing presence on screen, even in relatively small roles. So, I was thrilled to see that there was a celebration of her talent taking place in the Movie Blogosphere.